Korean women have truly the most beautiful, flawless complexions I have ever seen. Evened out skin tone, poreless skin, no age spots or blemishes. Not only do Korean women seem to have perfect skin but also a lasting youthful appearance which makes them look younger than their actual age. It’s not only amazing but also makes one wonder

Shin Se Kyung (korean actress)

• Skin care: The usual skin cleansing method most of us are familiarized with is the CMT ( cleanse,tone, moisturize) but korean women follow a different routine. This is a cleansing method consisting of 5 steps which are : double cleansing, massage & mask, tone, essence/serum, and finally moisturize. For an in depth explanation visit the following link :

• Oil cleansing method : In asian countries, including Korea some women don’t use conventional facial cleansers instead they use oil to cleanse their skin But is oil beneficial to skin? Commonly regular facial cleansers contain sulfates that alter the natural ph on the skin which results in skin dryness that leads to wrikles. On the other hand oils help remove make up and dirt with out over drying the skin.

And for those who have acne prone skin you will be glad to know that not all oils are comedogenic I was able to find a chart that shows the level of comedogenecy of certain oils. I was surprised to find out mineral oil and safflower oil are both non comedogenic which means they won’t clog pores. Therefore all skin types can benefit from the oil cleansing method and there are various oils with different properties that can be useful to the skin depending on the needs of your skin.

Even though the oil cleansing method sounds fairly easy you may still have doubts on how it is done and how it works for a through explanation check the following link: theoilcleansingmethod.com/

• Layering skin products: Korean women use multiple products and take time massaging them into the skin. It is believed that the average korean woman applies 18 beauty products per day. This routine of applying various skin products also includes facial massage, and according to health.com massaging moisturizers and treatments onto the skin can make the products more effective. A benefit of massaging the skin is increased blood flow and better penetration of products.

• Whitening Products: In asian countries a blemish free complexion along with a fair skin tone is considered beautiful. During the Koryo dynasty in Korea people with white skin, were considered of noble decent. Nowadays the process of acquiring such fair complexion is achieved thru the use of whitening products. The goal is to remove skin yellowness, freckles blemishes or scars which results in an evened out skin tone and brighter complexion.
Koreans believe a perfect complexion involves having fair skin and consider it more important in their beauty routine than wearing makeup. Most korean women include at least one or more whitening products to their daily skin beauty routine. It is no wonder that in Asia, Korea is leader in whitening products as it is a country that considers white skin as beautiful.

• BB creams: You might ask yourself ¿what are bb creams? First of all the letters bb stand for beauty balm or blemish balm. BB creams serve many functions such as make up, base, foundation, and even concealer. These famous cream was originally just used by surgery patients, in order to cover scars, it was later adapted into a beauty product in Korea, becoming a hit. BB creams can be found in almost any store now, in a variety of textures, tints and with distinct properties.

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