DRYVAC Leybold Vacuum is a new family of dry compressing screw vacuum pumps available with different features depending on the specific application. The DRYVAC family was developed in consideration of the special requirements of the photovoltaic, display and process industries. All DRYVAC variants are water cooled, very compact and easy to combine into systems, in particular with the well-proven Roots pumps of the RUVAC WH, WS and WA Leybold Vacuum series.

Product Category : Dry Vacuum Pumps


Here comes the big bruiser in dry compressing vacuum technology. DRYVAC offers you with pumping speed ranging from 450 to 5000 m3xh-1 and can reach ultimate pressure down to 5×10-3 mbar. What may surprise you more, DRYVAC is very compact in size compared to it’s performance.

DRYVAC Leybold Vacuum

The Benefits at a Glance
–  Most compact dry pump, with the smallest footprint for pump systems
–  Optimized Cost of Ownership including the lowest power consumption available on the  market today
–  Utmost package flexibility
–  Low noise level
–  Highest reliability
–  Integrated self-monitoring and control
–  No unscheduled down times, minor maintenance demands

Typical Applications
–  Solar coating (SiN, ZnO, a-Si/μ-Si, CdTe, CIS/CIGS, etc.)
–  Load lock
–  Polysilicon production
–  Display and glass coating
–  Wear protection coating
–  Strip coating
–  Furnaces
–  Metallurgy
–  Vacuum drying
–  Electron beam welding
–  Food & Packaging

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Pumping speed range 450 to 5000 m3xh-1
Ultimate pressure down to 5x10-3 mbar