The Oil Diffusion Pumps from Leybold Vacuum are well proven in industrial high vacuum applications.The water-cooled LEYBOJET 630 was developed especially with the medium vacuum in mind.
LEYBOJET is using water as cooling media, and able to reach ultimate pressure down to 5×10-7 mbar with pumping speed reaching 12.000 lxs-1.

Product Category : High Vacuum Pumps


Advantages for the User
– High and stable pumping speed well into medium vacuum range
– Low ultimate pressure
– Low oil backstreaming due to integrated water-cooled cold cap baffle
– High forevacuum tolerance
– Each heating cartridge is protected by a separate circuit breaker
– In maintaining the well proven heat ing system, the LEYBOJET 630 is now equipped with an additional ejector nozzle for the purpose of obtaining a stable pumping speed well into the medium vacuum range.

Typical Applications
The principal areas of application of the LEYBOJET 630 are modern sputtering processes as well as vacuum melting and drying plants.

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Pressure down 5x10-7 mbar
Pumping speed 12.000 lxs-1