Leybonol Oil

LEYBONOL® has been exhaustively tested to the same rigorous standards with regard to performance and sustainability that our customers have come to expect from Leybold. LEYBONOL® is one of the most well-known brand of high quality vacuum pump oils.

User friendly container sizes with new style packaging, a simplified order numbering system and an easy-to-use oil configurator help you making the right choice. As your oil experts, we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have concerning LEYBONOL® oils or its uses.


  1. LEYBONOL LVO 1xx Mineral Oil
    LEYBONOL mineral oils are products distilled and refined from crude oil. These do not consist of precisely defined compounds but rather consist of a complex mixture.
  2. LEYBONOL LVO 2xx Ester Oil
    LEYBONOL ester oils are organic compounds which excel especially because of their high thermal resistance to cracking compared to mineral oils. Chemical resistance is generally quite good, but will depend on the type of ester oil.
    LEYBONOL Polyalphaolefin oils are synthetic hydrocarbons which are paraffin like, but have a uniform structure. Thermal and chemical resistance is better compared to mineral oils. Elastomer compatibility and resistance against hydrolysis are comparable to mineral oils
  4. LEYBONOL LVO 5xx Diffusion Pump Oil
    LEYBONOL pump fluids for oil diffusion pumps must exhibit a low vapor pressure at room temperature and must be able to resist thermal decomposition and oxidization. They permit high pumping speeds over a wide range of pressures. Surface tension of the pump fluids must be high to reduce “creep” of oil films. They are chemically inert, exhibit a high flash point and the evaporation heat is low.Mineral oils (LEYBONOL LVO 500 and LVO 510) for diffusion pumps are closely toleranced fractions of a high quality base product distilled with particular care. These pump fluids are especially suited for work in a high vacuum.Silicone oils (LEYBONOL LVO 520 and LVO 530) are composed of precisely defined chemical compounds and are highly resistant. Owing to their extremely low vapor pressure, silicone oils are particularly well suited as a working fluid. Even after numerous air inrushes, silicone oils suffer neither ageing nor mass spectrometrically apparent alterations. Strong mineral acids, alkalis and strong oxidants are capable of decomposing silicone oils.