Our LEYVAC dry vacuum pumps provide power combined with high performance. This product has been designed to meet the special needs of industrial processes and coating applications. LEYVAC pumps and system combinations are rugged, reliable and durable, ready to cope with harsh processes. LEYVAC vacuum pumps are dry compressing fore vacuum pumps, the operation is based on the screw principle. The LEYVAC series is especially developed for process industry, F&P, coating and display applications. They can simply be assembled by adapters to various vacuum systems, so particularly with regard to the well-proven RUVAC WH700 and WS(U) and WA(U) series.

Product Category : Dry Vacuum Pumps


LEYVAC series is available with pumping speed of 80 and 125 m3xh-1. Both types are capable of reaching ultimate pressure down to 0.02 mbar and equipped with water cooling to guarantee performance consistency.

LEYVAC Dry Vacuum Pump

Advantages to the User

  • Dry pump technology
  • Shortest pumpdown times through high pumping speed for air already starting at atmospheric pressure
  • Hermetically tight
  • One motor solution
  • Easy and modular

Typical Application

  1. Process industry:
    • Industrial furnaces
    • Degassing
    • Charging
    • Casting
    • Drying processes in general:
    • Freeze drying
    • Packaging
  2. Coating:
    • CVD coating
    • Plasma coating
    • Glass coating
    • Web coating
  3. Solar:
    • Crystal pulling and casting

Support functions:

  • Regeneration of cryo pumps
  • Forevacuum pumps for turbomolecular pumps

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Pumping speed 80 and 125 m3xh-1
Ultimate pressure down to 0.02 mbar