The PHOENIX L300i is a portable multipurpose helium leak detector and equally well suited to both service and series production testing. The rugged modular design and its ease of use make the PHOENIX L300i one of the most user-friendly leak detector in its class. Through the remote controls tablet and RC 310, remote monitoring and control is possible.

Product Category : Leak Detector



Advantages to the User
–  Lowest detectable leak rate
–  Short He recovering time condition
–  Quick startup under 2 minutes
–  Extremely fast response time
–  Oil-free gas admission system
–  One of the smallest helium leak detectors in the world
–  High sensitivity
–  Fast leak rate readout also at low leak rates
–  Service friendly through modular design

Typical Applications
Leak tests in connection with
–  Quality assurance
–  Automotive industry
–  Analytical instruments
–  Systems manufacture
–  Power station engineering
–  Research and development
–  Semiconductor industry
–  High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum engineering
–  Ideal tool for industrial series production testing – in the cooling and air conditioning industries, for example

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