RUTA Vacuum System

The RUTA pump systems described here  are vacuum pump systems consisting of Roots vacuum pumps from the RUVAC series in combination with a fore vacuum pump. They have been designed for rough and medium vacuum operation, i.e. for the pressure range from atmospheric pressure down to 10-4 mbar (7.5• 10-5 Torr). On the intake side RUTA pump systems consist of Roots vacuum pumps. Further compression to atmospheric pressure may

Product Category : Vacuum System


RUTA pump systems consist of a combination of individual pumps with roots / booster pumps on intake side.  Individual pumps can be either oil sealed, dry compressing vacuum pumps,  or  liquid rings.

Typical areas of application for RUTA pump system are Industry, research, and chemsitry.  Here the focus is on processes fr metal production and processing, drying, degassing, thermal treatment, coating in solar components, and semiconductor.

Standard configuration of RUTA pump systems are our Roots Pumps combined widh oil sealed vacuum pumps.  This configuration (single stage) are capable of delivering pumping speed of 250 to 1600 M^3/H (147.3 to 9424 cfm).  Higher pumping speeds can be attained by paralleling several pumps.

Dry compressing RUTA, the next line up, combined the dry compressing pumps with Roots pumps. They meet increasing environmental awareness, pumpig of condensable vapors or high requirements regarding cleaness when pumping high quality media which must not be contaminated by other media.