The two stage oil lubricated TRIVAC B is the logical step ahead within the well-proven TRIVAC concept.
Here the performance and the characteristics of the pumps have been adapted without compromise to market requirements. The TRIVAC B pumps with their comprehensive range of accessories have proven themselves time and again as rugged pumps in many and varied applications. The ultimate pressure is about 10-4 mbar. The pumping speed, depending on the pump size, TRIVAC D 4 B to TRIVAC D 65 B, is in the range from 4 to 65 3/h (2 to 38 cfm)

Category:  Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump


The TRIVAC pumps is a two stage oil sealed vacuum pump operating according to the rotary vane principle. It has a very low ultimate pressure, quiet motor, low power consumption and robust design suited for a wide range of industrial application.

TRIVAC series can reach very low ultimate pressure down to 10-4 mbar and availabe with pumping capacity ranging from 3.2 to 65 m3xh-1.

Advantages to the User

  • All basic models (single-phase and three-phase motor) are certified in accordance with 94/9/EG (ATEX)
  • High water vapor tolerance
  • Continuous operation even at 1000 mbar
  • Built-in oil pump; pressure-lubricated sliding bearings
  • All controls as well as the oil sight glass are located on the front face
  • Either vertical or horizontal intake and exhaust ports
  • Exchangeable inner body
  • Anti-suckback valve controlled via the oil pressure
  • Free of yellow metals
  • Service-friendly
  • Ideal as backing pump for medium and high vacuum applications, because of low oil backstreaming
  • Highly leaktight (4 He-capable)


  • Mass and X-ray spectrometers
  • Electron beam microscopes
  • Leak detectors
  • Sterilizers
  • Freeze-drying systems
  • Chemical and research labs
  • General vacuum engineering
  • Refrigerator and Air Conditioner industry
  • Backing pump for high vacuum system
  • DOT series is specialized for brake fluid filling

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Pumping speed 4,2 m3/h
Ultimate pressure < 2 x 10 -3 mbar
Operating fluid LEYBONOL LVO 100