TURBOVAC pumps with a in the type designation are equipped with a purge gas facility. The purge gas protects the bearing area and the motor of the TURBOVAC. Thus, this line of Turbo Molecular Pump is very reliable in pumping aggressive or reactive gasses.

Product Category : High Vacuum Pumps



Availabe model for the “C” line: TURBOVAC 151 C, 361 C, 600 C, 1000 C and 1001 C,

Typical Applications:
–  Leak detectors
–  Mass spectrometers
–  Optical coating
–  R & D
–  UHV systems
–  Particle accelerators
–  Load locks and transfer chambers
Technical Features:
–  Small footprint
–  Operation in any orientation
–  Oil-free pump for generating clean high and ultra-high vacuum conditions
–  Bearing temperature measurement through the TURBO.DRIVE TD 20  classic
Advantages to the User:
–  Space-saving
–  Easy to integrate into complex vacuum systems
–  Low operating costs
–  Highly reliable operation also in processes loaded with particles

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